Gel-Core, in a Nutshell

Gel-Core, in a Nutshell

There's a lot of research, development, and science behind the Gel-Core technology, but sometimes it's best to cut to the chase...

Gel-Core utilizes a vibration damping gel insert

This is the first-ever vibration-damping pickleball paddle. The internal shock absorbing gel infusions transform the paddle’s performance:

  • Objectively Larger Sweet Spot
  • Measurable Vibration Reduction
  • Increased Rotational Inertia for Improved Stability on Off-center Hits
  • Greater Absorption of Opponent’s Smashes
  • Softer Ball Impact Sound

X-Ray View of the Rogue RSI Gel-Core

Rogue SI:

Rogue RSI:


Proven in the lab and on the court--The Players Pickleball Rogue SI and Rogue RSI paddles. Available now.

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  • Joe Pruett

    What is the difference between the SI and the RSI. I’m looking for a paddle with more feel for dinking.

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