Who We Are

Based in beautiful Bellingham, WA, Players Pickleball isn't far from the birthplace of the sport. As a contract manufacturer, Players Pickleball has made over 50,000 paddles to date and is using that experience to help create the best paddle for you. Founded by a duo of of creative and driven individuals with a varied background in sporting goods development and design, they are a small but agile and powerful team.

    Michael Bennett
    - With over 25 years of experience with composite sporting goods development and manufacturing, Michael has the know-how and connections to develop a top-notch product.

    Josh BechtelJosh Bechtel
    - With his varied background in education, product development, CAD, marketing, testing, and technical writing, Josh drives progress with his well-rounded analytical approach to design and R&D.




    Why is the mascot a squirrel? - To us, pickleball is a sport that above all else, is about fun. It also requires nimbleness of body and mind, a playful spirit, determination, and a clever approach. We wanted a mascot and a logo that embodied all of those traits. Based on our collective experience, a squirrel was the obvious choice.


    "Be the Squirrel" - Josh's mantra from many years ago during his college years on the campus of Fresno State in central California. It was finals week and while all of the students were striding across campus from one exam to the next, noses buried in textbooks and notes, Josh was taking a mental break from the bustle by sitting in the grass under a large redwood tree. He noticed some of the squirrels that were common on campus playfully chasing each other around tree trunks, jumping and bounding in unrestrained play, blissfully unaware of the stress their human neighbors were under. It became a regular reminder in Josh's life that no matter how busy you are, no matter how much stress you may be under, there's always limitless perspective and respite to be gained by taking a step back from the pressure and letting yourself play. Thus, "Be the Squirrel".