Players Pickleball: In a Nutshell...

As a company, we love information. Experimental data collection and analysis, in-depth materials explanations, the underlying physics of paddle/ball interactions, we love it all!

Sometimes, though, we realize it can be a bit much to consume! For that reason, we've created this quick primer so you can learn as much as possible in just a short amount of time--then if you want to read more, you can dig deeper into our content!

Who is Players Pickleball?

Players Pickleball Established 2016
  • Founded 2016 by Josh Bechtel and Mike Bennett
  • Combined 40+ years of sporting goods product development including Pickleball, Hockey, Lacrosse, Golf, Billiards, Bikes and more.
  • After making over 50,000 paddles as a contract manufacturer, Josh and Mike structurally re-aligned to focus on their own brand of paddles.

What Makes Players Pickleball Different?

  • The Scientific Approach to Paddle Making
    • GOAL: To understand paddles better than anyone has before
      • Non-biased, scientific testing & development
      • Custom built test rigs to produce objective results
      • Comparison of unbiased lab results with subjective player feedback

What's an Example of this Scientific Approach to Paddle Making?

  • Gel-Core Example
    • 3-am "Ah-ha!" moment led Josh to wonder, "What if we..."
    • Prototypes created
    • Prototypes analyzed on test machines, yielding positive results
      Players Pickleball Paddle Sweet Spot Testing
    • Double-Blind player test conducted, also yielding positive results
      Gel-Core blind Test Results
    • Combination of lab testing and real-world player feedback and the direct correlation meant we had a winner!
Players Pickleball's Scientific Approach to Paddle Making


What's the Paddle Lineup?

Players Pickleball offers 3 primary lines of paddles:

  • Rogue2 - The successor to the first generation Rogue paddles, the Rogue2 has undergone a complete overhaul and now features even more, with Second Generation Gel-Core and the vibration-damping carbon fiber throat reinforcement. Get yours now! 
  • Rogue -  Comprised of three differently shaped models, the SI, RSI, and ESI, the Rogue makes the most of its Gel-Core honeycomb and our direct-to-you business model to give you a very high-performance paddle at a price that's tough to match! Sweetening the Rogue even more, it can be custom made with your own design! 
    Rogue SI
    The Rogue is also available is several Special Edition Paddles
  • Scout - This is our entry-level paddle. Ideal for those new to the sport and just testing the waters. It's a solidly-performing paddle at a fantastically low price.
  • Avant - Featuring our innovative Exo-Frame edge guard for the most direct hand-to-paddle experience,

Why Isn't Players Pickleball Available Everywhere?

The answer is simple. We want to save you money.

  • Buy direct and eliminate the "middle man" 
  • Paying retailers and distributors mean more of your payment goes to distribution & marketing, rather than the paddle itself
  • When we sell directly to you, we can build a better paddle with more details & features at a lower price

Players Pickleball Distribution Model

Why don't Players Pickleball Paddles Cost More?

  • Customers sometimes comment, "I won't use a paddle under $100"
    • Based on false belief that "more expensive" = "better quality"
    • In reality, paddle cost might pay for:
      • Profit to distributors & resellers
      • Marketing expenses
      • Sponsorships
    • Players Pickleball sells primarily directly to customers, meaning:
      • Profit distribution to "middle men" is eliminated
      • Most of our marketing is grassroots, word-of-mouth, and via low-cost social media
      • Our sponsored-player list is small and well-focused
    • If you choose to spend more money on a paddle, that's your prerogative, but we recommend you educate yourself on why that paddle costs more--is it truly a better paddle or are you just helping pad other people's pockets with unnecessary markup?

What Does Players Pickleball do for the Environment?

  • Materials
    • Shipping boxes are recycled/recyclable/compostable
    • We use recycled paper packing materials - NO PLASTIC BAGS!
    • Even the glue on the packing tape we use is corn starch based, rather than petroleum based!

Players Pickleball Eco-Friendly Shipping Materials

  • Charity
    • We work with the charity "One Tree Planted"
    • For every paddle we sell, we plant a tree
    • When you buy a paddle from us, you're helping a team of dedicated professionals plant an entire tree that with a little luck will grow up to help support a diversified and healthy ecosystem!

One Tree Planted Partnership with Players Pickleball

Who is Using Players Pickleball Paddles?

Jack Foster Wins Gold at Nationals with Players Pickleball!


Does Players Make Custom Paddles?


What's Up With the Squirrel Logo?

  • To us, pickleball is a sport that above all else, is about fun
  • Pickleball requires:
    • Nimbleness of body and mind
    • Playful spirit
    • Determination
    • A clever approach.
  • We wanted a mascot and a logo that embodied all of those traits. Based on our collective experience, a squirrel was the obvious choice

Be the Squirrel

Is There More to Learn?

Of course.